I’ve always looked forward to a trip to Talladega. In the spring Talladega means that summer is just around the corner and in the fall it means the season is just about over.

This Talladega was different however. A shorter weekend schedule meant less time in the garage to capture images for clients but also provided a fun challenge.

Another reason this Talladega was different; I was assigned a shoot for Front Row Foundation, a community of close-knit family and friends who wanted to make a difference for those braving critical health challenges.

Enter Mrs Kelly, a lifelong race fan battling terminal stage 4 breast cancer. Kelly wanted to come to Talladega and experience what race day was like at the biggest speedway in the world.

To be honest, I really wasn’t looking forward to shooting this. Simply because I don’t like being under pressure and this was some of the biggest pressure I’d ever have to deal with in this profession.

But from the time I met Kelly and her husband, till the time I left, she never stopped smiling and simply enjoyed being at the race. It was refreshing to be around her and to remember what it was like to be a fan for a change.

I hope I was able to capture those memories for Kelly and her husband so they can remember forever.

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